10 Ways a Job could Hurt your Heart

10 Ways a Job could Hurt your Heart

Your job is the most important thing that you don’t want to lose in your life.  Without your job, of course, you cannot buy what you want.    You can’t even feed and support your family.    That is why millions of people are trying to make good with their jobs to achieve high positions or promotions and high salaries.    But, don’t you know that your job may cause your health, much more your heart to be at risk? Here are the 10 ways that your job may put your heart at risk:

            1.   Sitting long hours at a desk.  This causes a drop of insulin sensitivity and enzymes that normally breaks down fat.    People whose work is more on sitting like desk jockeys, office workers and managers are more prone to have higher risk of heart problem.    The best way to do is to stand up and walk once in a while, or work using a high desk is also advisable. 

            2.   Stressful work.    Jobs that involve too much stress activity such as emergency responders like nurses, doctors, firefighters, field police officers are in danger.   This is because their work requires immediate attention. 

            3.   Irregular work.  Works with shifting hours or graveyard duties like doctors, nurses, can cause heart disease.    This is because it disrupts the circadian rhythms or the “body clock” that plays a role in the regulation of blood sugar, blood pressure and insulin. 

            4.  Exposure to chemicals of pollution.  Carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless but dangerous gaseous element; if inhaled, this may lead to heart attack or stroke.   Tunnel workers are more prone in this exposure. 

            5.  Unhealthy eating at work.   Your   mind and body works, so make it sure that you are well fed so that your mind and body can function well. 

            6.  Working long hours.  Workers who work long hours or working overtime may possibly acquire coronary heart disease.  The ordinary working hours is only 7 to 8 hours.   More than that is already dangerous to health. 

            7.   Commuting.  Moving from home to work in just a short time, riding in public utility vehicle can be very tiring which will result to a heart disease. 

            8.   Jobs that are highly demanding.    Jobs that need immediate action and attention like the factory workers are in danger and pose a high risk in heart diseases. 

            9.  Jobs with no health insurance.    Because they are not insured when they are sick, this may cause them to develop heart ailment.  

            10.  Losing your job.  This is the worst of all because it does not only cause a heart problem but it also creates different illnesses.  This usually happens when workers are fired without any reason and the thought of having no money can cause another health problem. .

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