How to Build Your Happiness

How to Build Your Happiness


Currently there are growing numbers of Americans, at least 1 out of 10 Americans who are taking anti-depressants.  People need to learn some additional ways besides taking medications to improve their overall mood and happiness.  It has been found that medical practitioners are too quick to prescribe anti-depressants for sadness that could be something very temporary.  There are more people who are spending more time working, doing less exercise, and eating unhealthy foods.  All of these actions will hurt a person’s health in many more ways than one.  Now it is unrealistic to be happy all of the time as people experience different types of emotions and moods. 


1.       Reduce caffeine intake.


Ingesting caffeine provides artificial energy into the body and it is a very powerful stimulant.  There are approximately 90 percent of Americans who drink caffeine on a daily basis.  A majority of people will consume coffee several times a time to continue with the energy feeling.  Additional caffeine products include energy drinks that provide even more energy.  Instead try reducing the amount of caffeine intake to one serving per day.

2.       Get rid of processed foods.


Processed, refined and manufactured foods have been found to create inflammation in the body and this can lead to illness such as chronic diseases including affect a person’s mood.  Try to avoid packaged foods such as chips and cookies. The grocery stores are packed with unhealthy and healthy foods so make sure to stay away from the foods that can cause inflammation and more.


3.      Cut back on information overload.


It’s important to create boundaries and set up times to put down the cell phone, computer, and TV as to give yourself time to relax and let your brain rest.