The Top 15 Foods To Avoid

The Top 15 Foods To Avoid

Here are reasons for us why and the list of the top 15.

Let’s admit it, having a pre-made food is the quickest way possible without having to make effort is definitely convenient.  Of course, not that it is convenient, but we avoid hassle and working tirelessly in preparing for our meals.  Most of us don’t even think the costs that we may save up without these things that we call as “hassles.”  Here are reasons for us why we avoid these top 15 foods:


1.      Frozen vegetables.  Fresh vegetables without fertilizers are better and contain vitamins and minerals than frozen vegetables.

2.      Salad Kits and microwave sandwiches and popcorns.  Studies show that microwaving causes the chemicals to vaporize-and migrate into the food that may cause cancer. 

3.      Frozen Fruit Bars.  Instead of buying frozen fruit bars, why not buy fresh fruits and put it in a blender with ice.  This can give us many vitamins that our body needs.

4.      Protein Bars.  Yogurt is an alternative instead of buying protein bars everywhere.

5.      Spices or Seasonings.  Many would prefer buying this, not only it is convenient, but it has more blended herbs and spices, but it has more salt that is recommended for our daily intake of salt.  Use natural herbs as an alternative.

6.      Powdered Iced Tea and Powdered Fruit juices.  It is better to use fresh fruits, which are high in vitamin C and don’t have the artificial preservatives that are dangerous for our bodies.

7.      Bottled Water.  Bottled water does not only put the environment at stake because of the plastic bottle, but it is also dangerous for your health.

8.      Snack and Lunch packs.  It is not wise to buy foods inside a Styrofoam or plastic container since it is not good for your health due to the chemicals in the container where the food is placed.

9.      Gourmet Ice Cream. You can make your home-made ice cream by using bits of chocolate of cookies found in your refrigerator.

10.  Processed meat patties. There are already many additives that are added in preformed meat patties that can cause diseases like cancer.