When You Find a Doctor Who Listens

When You Find a Doctor Who Listens

My dissatisfaction with the medical industry has come over the past several years of seeing doctors who do not seem to see me as more than a number.  I have begun distancing myself from modern medicine, opting instead for natural relief or other alternatives.  It is not that I dislike the medical profession itself, but the way seeing a doctor makes me feel.

Too many doctors see their patients as interfering when they want to be involved, or dramatic if they want to do research on their own.  When you find a doctor who appreciates those qualities and is willing to be a partner in your care, rather than a dictator, it can really change the way you feel about health care.  Such is the case with me.

A few weeks ago, I began having symptoms of a pregnancy condition I get with every pregnancy.  I sought out a particular doctor this time, and was surprised to discover he took me seriously and was willing to work with me to manage this rare condition. 

Not only did he let me make decisions in my care, but also supported me completely when I chose something different than he would have done.  Having a doctor who listened to me made all the difference in how this pregnancy turned out, and helped to restore my faith in modern medicine.

I am glad I tried again to find a doctor who worked well with me.  If you have been seeing a doctor but are not completely satisfied, I think it is well worth it to shop around until you find someone whose philosophies match yours.

If I had seen the same doctor I saw with my first pregnancy, this baby would not have survived to delivery, because she was not willing to take my concerns seriously.  It really is worth it to find someone you can build a relationship with.